Tata Cara Bermain Taruhan Bola Deposit Pulsa Sesuai Prosedur

Harus diakui sekarang bermain taruhan bola memang menguntungkan, dengan begini tata cara bermain taruhan bola deposit pulsa pasti anda butuhkan untuk bisa bermain. Pasalnya melakukan deposit atau pengisian saldo menggunakan bank tak begitu efektif dan efisien untuk dilakukan. Hal ini dikarenakan mengantri akan sangat bisa membuang waktu diri anda percuma.

Belum lagi bila anda tak mempunyai cukup uang untuk melakukan deposit menggunakan bank karena memang standar minimum untuk melakukan transaksi pada bank lumayan tinggi. Lagipula dengan bank tak semua orang suka karena memang banyak prosedur yang harus dilewati hanya untuk satu kali proses deposit atau setor dana dalam judi bola online.

Oleh karena itu kami akan usahakan memberikan tata cara deposit pulsa sesuai prosedur yang diberlakukan. Semua ini demi menolong anda semua yang kesulitan untuk melakukan deposit melalui bank. tanpa berlama-lama lagi, berikut tata cara bermain judi bola deposit pulsa sesuai prosedur dari situs judi bola terpercaya negara tercinta indonesia ini.

Lakukan Pengisian Formulir Taruhan Bola Deposit Pulsa

Tata cara pertama yang harus anda lakukan adalah mengisi formulir deposit yang bisa diakses pada Dengan masuk pada link tersebut, anda akan bisa langsung mengisi formulir deposit dengan mencari menu deposit. Isi dan lengkapi formulir deposit dengan data-data yang valid agar pengajuan deposit bisa lancar untuk segera diproses nantinya.

Data-data yang harus anda isi adalah nomor hp dari agen bola terkait, nominal deposit dan nomor hp anda. lengkapi dengan data-data yang valid dan bila anda tak tahu nomor hp agen bola terkait, anda bisa langsung menanyakanya kepada agen bola terkait dengan pesan live chat yang pastinya sudah terhubung disana.

Lakukan Transfer Taruhan Bola Deposit Pulsa

Berikutnya lakukan transfer dana atau deposit pulsa menggunakan operator yang telah resmi berkerjasama. Mungkin xl, indosat atau telkomsel bisa anda gunakan untuk transfer dana pulsa. Masukan nominal yang sesuai dengan keinginan anda pada nomor hp dari agen bola terkait. Ikuti prosedur transfer dana agar proses transfer dana bisa berjalan lancar.

Bila terjadi kegagalan transfer, cek kembali apakah saldo anda mencukupi untuk transfer dana pulsa atau tidak. Dan perlu anda tahu bahwa untuk melakukan transfer dana pulsa tak boleh menggunakan pulsa mepet. Harus ada saldo pulsa sisa karena memang ini aturan mainya. Dan denganya anda harus melakukan topup pulsa terlebih dahulu.

Lakukan Konfirmasi Melalui Livechat Costumer Service

Terakhir lakukan konfirmasi melalui livechat costumer service. Mengapa harus melakukan konfirmasi padahal anda sudah mengisi formulir deposit pulsa? Tentu saja anda harus melakukan konfirmasi mengingat banyak member yang melakukan transfer dana pulsa juga. Dengan ini anda diwajibkan konfirmasi sebelum batas akhir konfirmasi berakhir yakni 10 menit sesudah melakukan transfer pulsa.

Bila anda sampai melakukan konfirmasi melebihi 10 menit, pulsa yang anda setorkan akan dianggap hangung dan tidak bisa diproses menjadi saldo. Untuk itu selalu sediakan tab khusus untuk melakukan konfirmasi atau chat costumer service melalui whatapps. Dengan cara ini anda akan bisa mendapatkan saldo yang pasti diproses.

Mudah untuk dilakukan bukan? Tentu saja mudah karena semua layanan yang disediakan oleh situs judi bola terpercaya pasti akan menghasilkan sesuatu yang bagus. dengan begini kami sarankan untuk melakukan proses taruhan bola deposit pulsa meskipun akan ada potongan nominal mengingat harga pulsa bisa lebih murah dari nominal yang ditunjukan olehnya.


The Most Popular Android Apps

In a tough economy, investors tend to put their money into thriving industries. Innovation drives the marketplace, and this is demonstrated clearly in the case of Android apps.

Initially, software developers began to focus on mobile applications after countless consumers demanded more features for iPhones. Eventually, other mobile phone companies offered their own smartphone alternatives based on the Android operating system. Now, these phones have become extraordinarily popular, and the Team Android phenomenon has become a full-blown consumer trend.

In response to this, app developers have been racing to release new titles on the Android Market. With so many available options, it is important to compare and contrast the different pieces of software that you can use to add new functionality to your smartphone. Which Android apps are the most popular? Let’s take a closer look.

Facebook for Android

Facebook has become the home page for a vast majority of people on the internet. This incredible social media website allows you to stay in touch with your friends in an intuitive and simple way. The Facebook app provides an attractive interface with which you can enjoy most of the features offered by the web version of the site.

Since many Android users have Facebook profiles, this app is extremely popular. If you are looking for a trendy Android app that will help you stay in touch with friends, check into this one.


From a business standpoint, Groupon is an interesting service. This company bridges the gap between local businesses and consumers by presenting special offers on a convenient coupon app. Businesses win because so many people are using Groupon, and the thrifty deals presented thereupon encourage consumers to check out the companies featured by the service.

Consumers benefit by getting great deals sent to their mobile phones every day. If you are a choosy shopper that doesn’t want to pay too much for your favorite products, the Groupon Android app would be a wise selection.

Twitter for Android

Twitter is an extremely popular online service. This social media website is beloved for its short status updates called “tweets.” These brief and to-the-point updates convey information in a simple and swift manner.

As a result, Twitter’s proprietary ac market Android app is among the most popular. Many people use this application every day to stay in touch with their Twitter friends. The brevity of the service’s timeline system lends itself to mobile use.

The popularity of particular Android apps changes every day. New mobile applications come out on a regular basis, and consumer trends respond accordingly. These are just some examples of a few that are considered to be unusually popular.


Wholesale Ring Secrets

Buying anything in huge volume or wholesale is a suitable way to get the products in affordable price with discount. It is also same for the jewelry to some extent. Mainly retailers are the customers of wholesale gold rings. There are some firms related to the jewelry that sells wholesale rings. Nowadays, many online stores are also dealing with wholesale jewelry.

It is always better to be careful while buying gold rings. There are some tips below which will help you for wholesale ring buying gold rings in bulk.

1. Choose a suitable product to buy: Be clear about the types of ring you are about to buy. You’ll have to do some research. Perfect knowledge about rings will help you to go for the best products. You should know about the color, styles, karats, etc. regarding gold rings. Gold comes in different colors like white, yellow, rose, tri-color, two-tone gold, etc. And regarding quality of gold, many varieties such as 14k, 18k, 24k, etc. are there.

2. Check the reliability of seller: The reliability check becomes necessary as the rings are very expensive. After you have decided to purchase from one of the dealer, you can do some research about the reliability of that dealer. Checking review sites and talking to wholesale buyers will help you to get an idea about the firms providing dependable sales.

3. Compare delivery prices: You can save some amount in shipping if you compare the prices offered by wholesalers. Cost of shipping can be compared with the cost of hiring separately to get the delivery of rings.


Is A Collar Or Harness Best For My Dog?

As loving pet owners we always want what’s best for our furry friends. For some dogs, a walk can be more of a chore than a joy and when it comes down to it, we just want to see our dog as happy as possible.

If you have a sensitive dog or one that has been spooked by a particular event, you’ll want to do whatever you can to make ‘walkies’ as much of an enjoyable experience as possible. Part of this experience is controlled by your dog’s personality and how it reacts to certain conditions and situations. However, using a walking aid that is best suited to your dog can also make a big difference.

There are many mixed views on whether a harness or collar is better and many more debates on the subject of which one is more comfortable for your dog. The best way to make up your mind is to actually look at how your dog reacts to both.

If you have tried a collar and your dog seems distressed or unhappy, make sure that you don’t have the collar too tight. You should be able to place your finger between the collar and your dog’s neck without having to force it. Please also remember that the collar should not be too loose, as it is then possible for your dog to free itself from the collar.

If you have a small dog then a harness might be a better choice. Some small dogs have more delicate areas around the neck and if they constantly pull when wearing a collar this can cause long-term damage.

A harness should provide a stable and comfortable platform around the body and chest area and most of the pulling force is then targeted at the areas around the shoulders pet collars and harnesses and chest, which takes the strain away from the neck area. Having said all this, if your dog does not pull excessively on a walk and has no respiratory issues then a collar can work just as well.

However, if you have a dog that pulls and your training techniques have yielded no positive results, then a harness can help to control, steer and stop your dog. A varied selection of harnesses are available in most pet stores these days and some will include lead attachment points at the top and at the front.

If you have a larger dog you should make sure that any collar or harness is big enough to support the neck or body area of your dog. The collar should fit snugly and a general rule of thumb is to place a finger in between the collar and your dog’s neck.

If you can do this and feel a slight pinch then the collar is a decent fit. If you can place your finger in the gap very easily or find it difficult to do so, then the collar might be too loose or too tight. The collar also needs to be of a suitable thickness, as this can help to ease the pulling strain across a larger part of the neck.


Affiliate Funnel System

When you’re starting out in internet marketing, there are a couple of choices you need to make, the main one is what are you going to market, the main choices are affiliate products, Advertising – the way of AdSense (or similar system) or direct products, like Amazon or click junction. Most people go for Advertising space to start with, but in the end this is one of the hardest to make a living off. Then most people start into the Affiliate clickfunnels ecommerce review Marketing, but aren’t sure what to do. Most people go into affiliate marketing using the same methods as they used in AdSense websites, and don’t get results at all and don’t know why.

The main reason is that when you pushing advertising, you don’t need to worry if your visitors are looking for what you are selling, a certain amount of them are going to click on your ads anyway, But as you move into affiliate sales, or real product sales in general, that changes. If someone is doing research, or just browsing because they are bored they’ll click on an ad here and there, but won’t buy anything. This is a major thing when it comes to affiliate marketing; you need to attract the people who are looking to buy products, and not just people that are browsing for information.

I have been using the Affiliate funnel system for a little while now, and have found that it shows you step by step on how to get the right people to your website. What it taught me was something i never thought about. It was a big mistake that I, and every other beginner internet marketer makes but isn’t aware of, and that is your mis-targeting your keywords and phrases. What does that mean?

Well let’s say you’re looking to sell sail boards, and someone is searching for “sail board locations”, they aren’t going to be looking to buy thing, when you are targeting for advertising clicks, this doesn’t matter, as long as you get the traffic, somebody will click, they always do. Now if you where to target a phrase like “Cheap Sail board in LA”, now it might only get 1% of the visitors that “sail board locations” gets, but when you get the visitors to your website, you know they are looking to buy a product, because that is what they searched for!

This is one of the many things that the Affiliate Funnel system teaches you. They go in depth into other extremely important area’s as well, like Landing pages, opt in lists and much more. If you are serious about internet marketing, it is a product that you should check out, it’ll save you hundreds of hours of testing out various methods.


Why Sales Funnels Are The Next Thing In Affiliate Marketing

The term “Sales Funnel” might be new to you. It’s a marketing technique that’s been around for decades in the offline world. It’s also a technique that’s been routinely used by product sellers online.

It’s a way for a seller to make more money from the people who visit their site.

What’s new is that affiliate marketers are now also starting to use sales funnels to boost their own earnings.

There are two general types of sales funnel:

1. The Multi-Product Funnel

There’s the funnel that’s always used on the likes of JVZoo, Warrior Plus and sometimes on ClickBank.

This is where you buy a low-priced front-end product and are then subjected to variety pricing of upsells and one-time-offers that are designed to part you with more of your money.

The goal of this type of funnel is to sell you multiple products in quick succession before you really have time to consider your options.

The offers often have timers showing how little time you have left to make a decision or you’re told that limited quantities are available.

2. The Single Product Funnel

The second type of funnel is geared around selling you a single product.

The purpose of the funnel is to repeatedly expose you to the product and explain why it will be useful, if not essential, to you or your business.

This is often achieved by attracting a visitor to sign up to get a free product and then sending them a series of emails describing the benefits of the product you’re trying to sell them.

A less common tactic is to provide free training and information to prospects regardless of whether they end up buying or not.

Sales Funnels In Use

If you’ve ever bought anything in the Make Money Online niche, you’ve already been exposed to the multi-product sales funnel.

They can often leave a bad taste and you end up feeling like you’ve been hounded into spending a lot more money than you intended. That can build some resentment in you.

If you recognize that feeling, is that something you’d want to bring out in your own customers?

Don’t forget that those who look at your offers are real people, not credit cards with legs.

Treat your potential customers just like you’d like to be treated by a seller.

That’s why I prefer the second type of funnel.

There’s no hard sell involved. You’re giving your prospects something free to entice them in the door.

From there, you start introducing them to your offer and why it might be a good fit for them.

You’re trying to persuade them that what you’re offering will make their lives easier or solve a problem for them.

If they buy, then they’ve made the decision to buy.

You haven’t forced them to make the decision by using some false scarcity tactics like a countdown timer or saying only a limited number of copies are available.

Because a prospect has made the decision to buy on their own terms, they’ll feel much better about their buying decision.

You’ll have earned their trust and you can use that to further build your relationship with them so that you can market other offers to them more successfully in the future.

So How Does This Tie In With Affiliate Marketing?

In general, affiliate marketers are given access to affiliate links and resources like image ads and emails that they can send out.

These are used to drive traffic to an offer.

However, when a prospect buys or signs up on a squeeze page, they go onto the sellers email list, not the affiliate’s.

That means that the affiliate has lost access to that prospect forever and it’s the seller who can market to that customer time after time.

The better affiliate networks will also pay affiliates on products that are in a seller’s sales funnel.

So yes, you can earn commissions on multiple products.

But what you, as the affiliate, don’t know is if the seller is offering products that are not in the “public” sales funnel to people on their list.

So you could be missing out on commissions as a result.

Typically, a sales funnel starts out with a low-priced product, offers higher-priced products in the funnel, culminating in one or more high-ticket products at the end of the funnel.

This tends to be where sellers make the bulk of their money. It’s far easier to sell one high-ticket product than tens of low-ticket ones.

The seller is quite within their rights to market products that you won’t earn a commission on.

After all, they own the email list that the buyers are now subscribed to.

So, to counter this, affiliate marketers have been creating their own sales funnels.

They select the front-end product, the upsells and any high-ticket products to promote.

These can all be from different sellers. But you, the affiliate, may think that some products complement each other better than the products in a seller’s own funnel do.


A Guided Tour of an Online Casino Directory

Using the comprehensive online casino directory CasinoBrain as our guide, we will lay out in this article the features you should expect from a high quality online casino directory.

Top Lists

In all their catchy, short attention span suiting, bottom-line giving glory. A good online casino directory will cut straight to the bone and save you the trouble of sifting through the reviews their writer-players so tirelessly toiled over. A great sampling of top lists might include the following: Top Casinos, Top Casino Payouts, Top Bonuses, Top No Deposit Bonuses.

Casino Reviews

The meat of the online casino directory (or its heart if you prefer). Online casino savvy writers visit each of the sites reviewed, peruse its offerings, play its games, and compare and contrast one against the other.

CasinoBrain’s reviews give you a comprehensive idea of what criteria a good online casino directory should examine in evaluating an online casino: An overall summary, 918kiss สมัคร screenshot(s) of the actual casino itself, overall score/grade, bonuses and promotions, payout percentages (by game), software and graphics, games (including game-specific info on limits and stakes), payouts, cashouts, and Security (including payment methods accepted for each, procedures for each, and encryption technology employed), and customer Support (including methods of contact — email, telephone, live chat).

CasinoBrain has even created a system of eye-catching and colorful icons that represent some of the more common attributes of online casinos for quick and easy reference when perusing the online casino directory reviews. Attributes like: Progressive Jackpots, MultiPlayer Games, Sportsbook, No Download, Signup Bonus, and others!

Casino Game Rules

A good online casino directory should teach you how to play the games offered at the online casinos they list. At the very least, an online casino directory should teach the rules of the most popular games, such as Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, Keno, Roulette, Slots, and Video Poker.

Betting Systems

Some players swear by them. A good online casino directory devoted to giving players all the facts possible should explain in depth the most widely-used betting systems online or off. These include: the 1-2-3-6 System, the D’Alenbert System, the Labouchere System, the Martingale System, the Parlay System, and the Paroli System.

Gaming Software

A quality online casino directory will list the various major software makers that are used to run the online casinos, even allowing you to sort online casino by the software they run. Examples include Microgaming, Playtech, Real Time Media and WagerLogic.

Payment Methods

Of interest to many players also is information about the various Payment Methods you could choose to use to fund (and withdraw from) your online casino accounts.


How to Take Advantage of a Free Legal Consultation

It’s rare these days to hear anyone talk about lawyers without mentioning the high price tag that often goes along with them. While the billing and payment requirements for law firms may vary, if you do some research you will find that many attorneys provide free initial consultations for prospective clients. A free consultation is a “priceless” opportunity to find out if your case qualifies for legal assistance and what steps you would need to take if you do ultimately decide to take legal action on your issue.

The legal world can be very confusing to those who find themselves in need of attorney services. The average person will have many questions that need to be answered before even hiring an attorney. Do I need a lawyer? pr consultant for canada What kind of case do I have? Will I have to go to court? And most of all, how much is this all going to cost?

Some legal services cost more than others. Family law services can be expensive because the attorneys often work on a traditional pay-per-hour basis to the tune of $200 or more per hour. Personal injury services on the other hand can often be pursued with no out-of-pocket cost because the attorney gets paid only a portion of the money she recovers for you in your law suit. Some law firms now provide flat fees for routine legal services. Regardless of what kind of legal issues you face, you can get your initial questions answered and obtain a better understanding of your case if you take advantage of a free legal consultation.

Why do lawyers provide free consultations?

You might have heard the expression, free advice is worth what you pay for it, but that is not true when it comes to getting a free legal consultation from a licensed attorney. You might wonder, if lawyers charge so much, why are they willing to give me a free consultation? Lawyers provide free legal consultations for a lot of reasons, but here are the top 3:

• Reason #1: They want your business. A law firm provides services to the public just like a restaurant does. Although they might be selling divorces instead of pizzas, they still need to be competitive in the market.

• Reason #2: They need to evaluate your case to find out if you qualify for their services. An experienced attorney can quickly tell if your case is worth anything and whether you meet the requirements for certain legal actions.

• Reason #3: They need to find out if they have a conflict with you. Ethical rules in all jurisdictions prevent attorneys from taking any adverse action against a previous client. It will be a waste of time and an ethical problem if you pay to get your case started and the law firm finds out they represented your soon-to-be ex-husband in his car accident.

How do I find a free consultation?

Look in the phone book! Remember phone books? Well, businesses, including law firms, still advertise in them. Look for ads that have the words “free initial interview,” “no charge for initial consultation,” “free consultation,” or “free initial consultation.”

If the only law firm advertising a free initial consultation is not located near you, choose a law firm in a better location that you think you might be interested in working with and call and ask them if they will do a free initial consultation with you. Many law firms do provide free consultations for people who call and ask about them even if they don’t specifically advertise that service in their print and web ads. Don’t sweat it if they say no to a free consultation. Just say “thank you” and move on to the next law firm.

Of course, don’t forget to look on the web. Many law firms have websites that will include information about whether the firm will provide a free initial consultation. Use your favorite search engine to search for key words like “attorney free consultation” and include the state where you live. You might not limit yourself to your city as many law firms provide services in a range of areas in any given state.

How should I prepare for my consultation?

A free initial consultation might happen on the phone, in person or by email. For any of these three potential meeting types, you should have some information prepared for your consulting attorney. It is impossible to know exactly what the attorney is going to ask you during the consultation, but it’s a smart idea to prepare what you can.


Sudahkan Daftar Idn Poker Terbaik Anda Memudahkan Proses Deposit?

Bagaimana cara mengenali daftar idn poker terbaik? Pertanyaan semacam ini masih sering diajukan oleh para bettor, terutama pemula. Mereka merasa kesulitan mengenali dan memilih agen terbaik diantara banyaknya agen judi online. Permasalahan kecil yang ternyata memberi dampak besar bagi para bettor. Bukan hanya berkaitan dengan kenyamanan, namun peluang menang pemain.

Untuk mengenali agen poker terbaik, sebenarnya ada satu poin yang harus diperhatikan. Anda harus melihat pelayanan yang diberikan oleh situs judi online. Seberapa memuaskan layanan yang diberikan? Apa saja pelayanan yang ditawarkan oleh agen? Meskipun terlihat kecil, ini justru sangat penting. Salah satu pelayanan yang harus Anda pertimbangkan adalah deposit.

Sistem Deposit yang Disediakan Agen

  1. Kemudahan proses deposit.

Apakah situs judi online memberikan kemudahan dalam melakukan proses deposit? Jika iya, Anda patut bernapas lega. Pasalnya, banyak situs judi yang tidak memudahkan proses deposit. Alur yang disediakan terlalu berbelit-belit dan merepotkan para member. Hal ini tentu merugikan member dari segi waktu dan tenaga.

Proses deposit seharusnya semudah transaksi pembayaran. Anda hanya perlu mentransfer deposit ke rekening agen. Sayangnya, beberapa agen tidak memfasilitasi deposit melalui bank tertentu. Sehingga bettor harus melakukan transfer antar bank untuk deposit. Bettor mau tak mau membayar biaya admin yang tidak sedikit. Bila dilakukan berulang kali, bettorlah yang menanggung kerugiannya.

  1. Keamanan transaksi dan transfer deposit.

Data Anda bukanlah konsumsi publik dan tidak boleh disebar luaskan. Beberapa oknum agen abal-abal terbukti melakukan penyebarluasan data yang berimbas pada kerugian bettor. Salah satu data yang rawan disebar luaskan adalah nomor rekening serta informasi dasar, seperti email. Anda perlu berhati-hati dengan oknum semacam ini, sebab akan berdampak pada keamanan diri sendiri. Bila perlu, hindari bergabung dengan situs judi abal-abal. Pilihlah situs resmi poker online terbaik yang terbukti terpercaya dan bereputasi. Jangan sampai Anda menyerahkan data-data pribadi ke tangan yang tidak tepat. Alih-alih meraup keuntungan dari permainan poker, Anda justru jadi korban penipuan. Oleh sebab itu, perhatikan alur deposit sebelum melakukan prosesnya.

  1. Kecepatan transaksi deposit.

Transaksi melibatkan bank memang rawan mengalami masalah. Sebut saja jaringan bank yang terganggu atau ATM tengah error. Masalah semacam ini sebenaranya tidak jadi persoalan serius, namun proses konfirmasi pasca transaksilah yang harus diwaspadai. Agen judi online mestinya paham betul dengan alur deposit yang tidak sulit bagi bettor.

Umumnya, agen menerapkan dua cara untuk proses deposit. Pertama, bettor harus mengonfirmasi secara manual usai transfer deposit. Bettor harus menyertakan foto struk sebagai bukti konkrit. Kedua, bettor memberikan kode unik yang menandakan identitas transfer bettor. Dengan begini, bettor tidak perlu mengonfirmasi kembali setelah transfer deposit dilakukan.

Kebijakan Deposit dari Masing-Masing Agen

Sudah cukup jelas bukan prosedur deposit yang tepat? Ingat, setiap agen menerapkan kebijakan berbeda terkait layanan deposit. Anda harus memahami kebijakan dari situs judi online yang dipilih. Pelajari bagaimana agen mengelola dan menyajikan layanan situs judi online. Ini dapat membantu Anda mengenali reputasi dan kredibilitas dari situs judi tersebut.

Semakin profesional agen mengelola deposit dan permainan, semakin terpercaya pula situs judi online tersebut. Meskipun terlihat sepele, deposit kerap menimbulkan masalah bagi para bettor. Anda mungkin masih menerima semua kebijakan agen saat ini, tetapi bagaimana ke depannya? Kalau tidak ingin repot dengan kebijakan rumit, pilihlah daftar idn poker terbaik yang terpercaya.


Add a Personality to Your Small Business by Trying Out These Revolutionary Android Apps

What every small business needs is a virtual assistant that offers value-based approach top routine tasks. Keeping such inherent needs of a small business in mind, Android has created these 5 multi-tasking apps. Each of these Android apps comes with feature-rich benefits that further makes small business transactions easy to perform and record.

Let’s take a look at the 5 multi-purpose Android apps for small business this year:

Documents To Go 3.0

This revolutionary Android app is nothing less than a comprehensive solution with premium features in the full version. It allows users to view, modify and save the file in its modified version for all further processing such as later viewing or sharing. The app is well linked with third-party applications such as Gmail and various other e-mail apps. The app lends support to Word, Excel, Power Point, PDF, Sideshow, Desktop transfers in more than 5 languages. An ideal app for small businesses offering two-directional sync with your device’s USB cable. This fantastic, number one selling office app is on 50% discount sale.


As the name suggests, this Android app is designed to read business cards to easily build your contact list. It saves you from the extra effort of manually stacking the cards around which are prone to damage. It supports 22 scanning languages and its new version can be easily synced with the web. Web sync can be used in various formats such as Apple contacts, Gmail, Google contacts, Hotmail, Windows Live Mail and much more. The app allows users to send introduction e-mails with the person’s image and their card information. It even scans double-sided business cards, create a 3D view, export information to third-party apps, and search for cards in your custom card-gallery.

Flight View

This revolutionary app helps small business owners be on-time by never missing their flight schedules. With this users get instantly notified of their flight status, track flights and save such details in your app. You can share the information about your arrival and departure easily with your colleagues or employees to attend your business priorities with ease. The app has more to it. It provides airport delay map with weather reports with an entire trip update irrespective of the itinerary. With this app you save space on your app as it cuts down the need to download unnecessary airline apps.

MobileBiz Pro

This is a feature-rich app for small businesses that creates smooth procedures for sales and billing for companies. The app offers a variety of features such as sale transaction gbwhatsapp support, for printing, for reports tracking, for inventory upkeep and maintenance, for data management and much more. Users can easily and quickly share information across via e-mail or SMS. Work templates can be customized as per requirement for e-mail, print or SMS. The app holds brilliant features as it is backed by an active support team, has ready upgrades, and one that encourages active participation of the users in its maintenance by openly inviting feedbacks and suggestions. The app boasts of a smart design interface and a rich-scalable platform for serving multiple small business needs.